“I’ve worked with Stephen several times in television and records. He composed some of my favorite songs for my children’s album and television special “Free To Be…You And Me,” and wonderful music for my TV movie “It Happened One Christmas.”

– Marlo Thomas


Stephen invited me to provide the lyrics for an animated half-hour version of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” for HBO, starring Carol Burnett. I’m awfully glad I did because it was a joyous collaboration and, if I say so myself, we came up with a delightful score!

– Sheldon Harnick wrote the lyrics for “Fiorello”, “She Loves Me”, “Fiddler on the Roof” and many other musicals


“Stephen wrote music for many songs and scores for Sesame Street and I was always impressed by his melodic gift and his ability to vary his style for the different characters on the show.”

– Lisa Simon, producer/director


“The enduring impact of Stephen’s music became apparent to all of us on “Soundcheck” when we aired a series celebrating the 40th anniversary of “Free To Be… You And Me.”  The audience response was incredible, and brought home just how deeply his work affected a generation of Americans. “
John Schaefer, Soundcheck – WNYC Radio



“Stephen’s music is wonderfully melodic, and very memorable.

In 1972, I was contacted by Marlo Thomas, who asked me to produce a record album with her that turned out to be Free To Be…You and Me,  I recruited Stephen and lyricist Bruce Hart to write the title song, and they created an anthem that is still remembered by millions of  people today. Stephen was also the musical director of the album and the television special and he composed four other great songs for the project.

When Bruce and I wrote the script for a movie musical for NBC TV based on our best-selling young adult novel, Sooner or Later, Bruce and Stephen  wrote the songs. One of them, “You Take My Breath Away”, a soaring ballad, with a melody that only Stephen could have written, became a platinum record and top ten radio hit, and the sound track album went gold.  The CD and the DVD are still available today.

When I was producing a television movie for Marlo Thomas, a remake of “It’s A Wonderful Life”, with Marlo playing the Jimmy Stewart role, we brought Stephen to Los Angeles to do the score. On a very abbreviated schedule, he was able to create some glorious music.  One of the themes was so beautiful that her husband put it on a music box and gave it to her as a present.

Over the years, we worked together on many other projects, and I can say with confidence that Stephen Lawrence is as gifted a composer as any I’ve ever known.”

– Carole Hart; Producer/Director “For the Next Seven Generations”

Carole is an award-winning television and film producer/writer. She was one of the original writers of Sesame Street. She also produced (in partnership with Marlo Thomas) the three incarnations of the now classic children’s project, Free To Be…You and Me. Other credits include the Emmy-winning children’s’ series, Hot Hero Sandwich, and the original TV movie musical, Sooner or Later, which launched a top ten song and a Gold soundtrack album, music by Stephen and lyrics by Bruce Hart. Most recently she produced and directed a feature documentary: For the Next 7 Generations, about the International Council of 13 Grandmothers, Medicine Women and Shamans from around the world who have come forward to help us to heal the planet.


“Stephen composed tuneful music for my children ‘s show “No Dogs Allowed” and composed a great number of memorable songs for Sesame Street.”

– Sonia Manzano, actor/author/Maria on Sesame Street


“I like Stephen’s music because it is melodically and harmonically appealing without being predictable. I think I know where he’s going, I’m enjoying it, and then suddenly there is a surprise–and it’s always good one.”

– Nancy Ford, composer
Nancy is the composer of thirteen musicals with book and lyrics by Gretchen Cryer, among them the Broadway show Sheltler, and the Off-Broadway shows I’m Getting My Act Together And Taking It On The Road, The Last Sweet Days Of Isaac, and Anne Of Green Gables.


“Dear Maestro Lawrence, 
Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I’ve always enjoyed your score for BANG THE DRUM SLOWLY. I bought the LP Soundtrack Album many many years ago without even seeing the movie and just loved how beautiful and touching your score was. Your adapting “Streets of Laredo” into the score was truly wonderful. The music always touches my heart and will bring tears as I recall the sad story it was composed for. Thank you so much for this wonderful score. I’ve found your website and am now discovering more of your superb music. Love the music for JENNIFER ON MY MIND and I remember great music in IT HAPPENED ONE CHRISTMAS. I wish all of this great music was available in it’s pure for maximum enjoyment. I am enjoying discovering so much great music you have composed over the years. 
Thanks again and best regards,
– Joe Antonicelli”